How to change the language

This site is available in both English and Welsh. There is a link on every page to change the language. If you bookmark a page within the site then the next time you come back to the page it will appear in the language you chose the first time you visited. However, if you go to the main URL ( or you take the Home link, then it will not necessarily come back in your chosen language. It gives you the language that your browser asks for, which might not be the language that you chose when you last visited the site. It is done this way so that the site's main address delivers the right language according to the visitor's preference.

To set your browser to ask for a particular language each time you visit the site, you need to go into your browser's language preferences. Here are instructions for some of the most popular browsers.

Netscape 7
Opera 7
Internet Explorer 6
Tools/Internet Options/General/Languages

Whichever browser you have, you will need to select the languages you want to specify and add them to the list, and arrange them in the order that you prefer them. For example, in my browsers, I have the following set.

  1. cy (Welsh)
  2. en-gb (British English)
  3. en (English)

Whenever I go to a web site that offers a choice of languages, my browser will first ask for the Welsh page, or if one doesn't exist then it will look for a British English page, and finally a generic English page.

Not many web sites are set up to do this Language Negotiation at the moment, but increasingly they will. As an example, set Welsh (or any other language apart from English) to the top of your list and visit Google!